Centerpark Technology

Centerpark’s vision is to streamline the entire parking experience for both the provider as well as the user. In doing so, Centerpark utilizes its proprietary technologies and deep parking expertise to transform the way urban parking is managed.

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With a development cost to date of over $2M, Centerpark’s B2C and B2B technologies are altering the way in which urban parking is sold and how vacancies are monetized. On a national basis, less than 10% of parking is sold online and parking operators have no way of effectively capturing coveted long-term parking customers, Centerpark averages 30%.

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Centerpark’s Mobile Reservation System

Park N Save

  • ParkNSave was launched in 2007 and was one of the country’s first mobile reservations system for parking
  • Since its inception, ParkNSave has sold hundreds of thousands parking passes, delivering millions of dollars of value to the provider as well as the consumer

Centerpark’s Yield Management System


  • Parkalogic has been a career long project and passion of Centerpark’s CEO Gregg Reuben and is one of the parking industry’s most comprehensive and advanced yield management systems
  • Parkalogic is a web-based technology with the ability to synthesize with any POS system, extracting all financial and activity information in real time, and integrate that information into a series of valuable reports, metrics and key performance indicators
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Seamless Consumer Interface

Each Centerpark property showcases the most advanced consumer facing technologies, creating an efficient, user-friendly and expeditious customer experience:

  • Digital Tickets
  • Vehicle Request and Retrieval Systems
  • Variety of Autopay Options
  • Video Imaging of all Vehicles upon Entry and Exit

Bring Innovation to Your Property