Centerpark Realty

Centerpark’s real estate investment vehicle.

A Parking Sign

Over the last three years, the company and its partners have invested $100 million to accumulate a diverse portfolio of parking properties, quickly becoming one of the industry’s largest owner/operators of parking and logistics-oriented real estate.


Three decades of experience acquiring, managing, and dispossessing of parking properties across the US.

Expertise and Execution

Long-standing relationships with the industry’s top owners, brokers, tenants and managers.

Focused Investment Strategy

Centerpark’s highly disciplined approach focuses on sourcing off-market, undervalued investments typically due to mismanagement, market mispricing and the misalignment of interests that commonly exists between property owners and property managers.

Strong Historical Track Record

Centerpark’s principals have owned and operated parking garages for the past thirty years through multiple market cycles. Over the past 10 years, Centerpark’s predecessor investments have achieved an average IRR of 28+% and an equity multiple of 3.0x.

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